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Serving Coeur d'Alene and Hayden with the highest quality painting for over 13 years!


From local businesses, to hospitals and apartment buildings- we have done them all!


You can count on Great Expectations Painting to provide the highest quality workmanship for any painting project in your home.

Decks & Fences

Your decks and fences are major investments and focal points in your home and the Pacific Northwest weather can be tough on them! We offer a range of services to maintain and beautify this outdoor living space.

Exterior Painting

Northwest weather is tough on exterior paint. To ensure the best results, there’s no substitute for thorough prep work, quality materials and proper technique.

Interior Painting

We will protect your furnishings, wood floors and carpet. Proper surface preparation can including sanding, caulking, filling and repairing drywall holes, and texturing.

Pressure Washing

We get you ready to enjoy the summer season! Let us safely and properly pressure wash your walkways, patios and driveways cleaning them of harmful, slippery mold and a winter’s worth of dirt and debris.